Local Horse Transport

by | Jul 25, 2018 |

Are you looking for a local horse transport?

Nags on the Move can help!


We are a leading horsebox hire and horse transport company based in Essex. We are a family run business based in Clacton. At Nags on the Move we are horse owners ourselves and so we understand the importance of ensuring our four legged friends get the best transport they require!


As a local horse transport we offer the option of self-drive horseboxes and driven horseboxes. Therefore this means that if you are able to drive a horsebox you can hire our local horse transport boxes and it after your transport. If you need a horsebox but cannot drive one, we are able to drive it for you!


As a local horse transport company our horseboxes have been professionally designed and made to a very high standard. Our boxes have been created with a lightweight manageable gas assisted ramp which has rubber flooring throughout and padded roofs as well as partitions. All horseboxes come with a separate storage area with saddle and bridle racks. This leaves lots of space for your equipment.


All of the features on our horseboxes make them tough and practical. Therefore there is a drainage system in place for easy cleaning and maintenance.


At Nags on the Move our local horse transport service comes with several expectations from our clients. It is asked that all horseboxes come back as clean as it was when given to you. This means all rubbish and can’s should be removed. Although the horse area should be cleaned when it is returned to us, our clients will not be expected to hose it down.

The team at Nags on the Move will jet wash the area and sanitise it for the next customer.


When you book a horsebox with Nags on the Move as your local horse transport, we require a 50% deposit at the time of booking. It is our client’s responsibility to have your horse insured. Unfortunately our insurance doesn’t cover any animals in the horsebox!


When you pick up your horsebox it will be supplied with a full tank of diesel. Therefore it is the driver’s responsibility to return the box full of ideal.


If you are looking for a local horse transport, Nags on the Move are the ones to call! You can reach us on 01255 863781 or by visiting our website. We look forward to helping you move your horse safely!


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