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Who Are We?

Nags on the Move are a husband / wife duo who love horses. With an equestrian background behind us, we have been transporting horses for over 10 years with a 100% safety record. We know just how important your four-legged friend is, and we take the welfare of every horse extremely seriously during their journey.


At Nags on the Move we know how stressful it can be to transport your horse. Therefore our aim is to take this stress away from you. We aim to make sure your horse arrives safely, and on time at a competitive price!


As a team, we are proud to work closely with Team Great Britain, different vets, charities, horse welfare and other rescue organisations. And we are also here to assist you in case of a breakdown, accidents or strays!


Our Horseboxes

At Nags on the Move we are proud to offer a modern horsebox hire to customers across the Essex and Suffolk. We have a Bloomsfields luxury 3.5 tonne 2 stall horsebox available to hire that is a luxurious self-drive horsebox. This can be driven on any standard license, however, we also offer a horsebox hire with driver.


Our modern horsebox hire comes with a smooth drive, 6 gear change, CCTV, reversing camera, Bluetooth and great fuel economy. Therefore this ensures that you will be able to arrive where you are looking to go, safely!


In this horsebox, the horses are separated by a full height, grilled partition, head divider and two full height grilled access doors. This eliminates any need for a breast bar. The overall design of the horsebox has been built to maximise safety and comfort of the horse, as well as being built to be extremely practical.

Our aim is to transport your horse where it needs to go, safely.

Other great elements of our modern horsebox hire is that it takes 2 x 17.2., depending on weight. Furthermore, there is a low ramp that is ideal for the not so easy loading horses and allows the horse to be rear facing. This has been proven to be the better way to transfer horses.


The horseboxes also come with a movable sliding partition. This is an ideal addition for the larger horses. To add on, there is CCTV installed in the horseboxes to keep an eye on your horse throughout the journey. If anything were to go wrong, you would know!


Furthermore, our modern horsebox hire comes with insurance and breakdown hire as well as our team offering 24/7 availability in case of emergencies.


At Nags on the Move we perform a full safety check before every hire. This ensures that nothing will ever be wrong with the vehicle when you hire it. Also, we ensure to perform a full validation and disinfection of every horsebox before hire. This ensures that there is no spread of disease from hire to hire.


And don’t worry, you will be shown how everything works before hire!


Benefits of Nags on the Moves

There are many benefits when you choose Nags on the Move. We are based in Clacton, but we offer our services to the whole of Essex and Suffolk. As a team we are proud to be DERFA approved and L.E.Z compliant. Our  modern horsebox hire are fully licensed and insured with a 24/7 emergency call-out service. With CCTV monitoring in every horsebox, you will be able to ensure that your horse is doing well. Our competitive rates will not break the bank!


And most importantly, your horse will be handled with care.


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Contact Nags on the Move today! We are here to be your number one horsebox hire for any transportation events. Being passionate horse lovers ourselves, we will ensure that your horse will have a smooth and safe journey as part of our modern horsebox hire.


You can reach our team on 01255 863 781 or by sending an email to We can also be found on social media! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with our latest news and updates.

Modern Horsebox Hire