Most horse owners at some point will require transport.

Whether a regular show goer or not, there are those occasions when you may need an emergency trip to the vet or need to move yards.

If you don’t have lorry and finances are tight it can be tempting to cut corners, borrow an old trailer or find someone who gives you cheap hire of their trailer…. but proceed with caution and always find out the facts before you do or you may live to regret it.


What Should You Be Checking?


Is the Lorry or Horse Trailer big enough for your horse?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that all horse trailers and boxes are equal!  And they are not!

Some are only able to take horses up to 15hh so you do need to check before you commit.

Also make sure if it is a converted box that the bulk heat and the floor is strengthened to take the weight of your horse.

Are you insured should the worst happen?Modern Horsebox Hire

Always check that you are actually hiring from a reputable business.  Insurance is absolutely essential and if they are not a registered business then it it highly likely they won’t have the correct insurance.

Can you calculate the payload?

To stay legal you need to know the weight you will be transporting.  This is known as the payload.  You need to ensure that you are not over the limit that the horsebox or trailer can take.  If you are hiring a trailer to tow with your own car, you need to make sure you won’t be over the kerb weight for your car as it will be your legal responsibility.

Social Proof!

We are lucky enough to live in the age of social media and that often means that Horse Box and Trailer Hire firms have pages in which you can see reviews and get recommendations.

Many local Facebook groups, are also full of people who will give you recommendations for local companies that can help you.  So always worth asking for recommendations if you are not sure.

What you should know before committing to a horsebox hire?

  1. What is the payload or the horsebox?
  2. What driving licence do you need?
  3. Is there breakdown cover and who should you call?
  4. What if you need to contact the insurance company if you have an accident?
  5. What is covered in the event of a breakdown?
  6. Are there any hidden charges?
  7. What times must you collect and drop off
  8. What is your horse accidentally damages the box?
  9. What deposit is required?
  10. What are the terms and conditions?

What should you check before setting off?

Once you have chosen where you will hire a horse lorry or trailer from, make sure that before you take the vehicle you are aware of any scratches or dents so you know that you are not held liable for damages that weren’t caused by you.

Many horsebox hire companies point them out or have them noted for you in advance and ask you to sign a disclaimer.

If they don’t then remember to check.

Make sure you have all equipment you need, headcollars, travel equipment etc.  don’t expect this to be provided for you.

If you are expecting extras such as tack lockers, and toilets, or your horse has requirements then makes sure you ask that these are available and check them in advance.

Can you park your car where you plan to pick up the lorry from?  If you have arranged to pick up at a specific location actually make sure you can park the car.  No one wants to end up with a nasty surprise of a parking ticket!


We hope you have found this post useful and it helps you to choose the right horse transport provider.

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